WIBISCO’s working experience with Caribbean LED Lighting Inc has been an absolute delight. Meetings scheduled were always promptly attended and requested information submitted in a timely manner.

Mr. Jim Reid and his team gave us several options of energy saving bulbs to choose from to satisfy our needs and were always willing to negotiate to ensure the prices offered were competitive. We are very pleased with their sterling high level of professionalism and friendly customer service.

We recommend Caribbean LED Lighting to any organization that is keen on saving energy


I am very happy with the reduction in electricity costs since changing out all of our fluorescent lights to LEDs from Caribbean LED Lighting. Additionally, the quality of the lighting is excellent.

Hanschell Inniss Ltd.

“Thanks to Caribbean LED Lighting, we immediately saw improved lighting and significant savings in our energy costs”

Massy Stores Supermarket

“Thanks to the lighting from Caribbean LED Lighting, we are not only saving money but our salon lighting has a more natural glow and this helps particularly when colouring our clients hair. Thank you CLL!”

Headmaster's Salon

The LED tubes produce more light with only half of the watts used. The 24″ is 10w while the 48″ is 18w.

Normal fluorescent tubes produce light all around the circumference of the tube and much of this light is lost unless you have adequate reflectors to focus the light towards the target, with the LED tubes though there is no need for reflectors to be installed or used because the light is already focused.

This results in much better light penetration of the water column.


“Thanks for connecting and for all the time and information you gave me this morning. It was a pleasure to meet you too and I hope the owners of Caribbean LED Lighting realize what an asset you are to their company.

I have been building a smallish wood house in Barbados for the past 7 months! and my experience has not been a particularly pleasant one. It is such a breath of fresh air to actually meet someone who is not only pleasant but seems genuinely interested in what he is doing and generous with information.

Please keep me up to date with your company’s expansion of products as I am very interested in solar and wind power alternatives as a viable energy source.

Many thanks again”


Overall I am impressed by these lights and would recommend them to others. I am also pleased to find such a quality product being manufactured here in Barbados. I have since returned the fixture and had the opportunity to speak to the CEO, Jim Reid, who was quite enthusiastic about his products. He has even asked me to provide them with some more information on the light requirements for planted tanks to see what they could custom make. Fun times ahead.

Thanks CLL !”

Damien Morris

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