We are all facing an extremely challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic and we feel it necessary to communicate with you on what we are doing as a company to keep our employees, customers and stakeholders safe.

As a socially responsible company that is operating under these challenges, we have done the following thus far to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is restricted to keep all of us safe:


  • Cancellation of physical meetings internally – the use of other communication tools are being utilized.
  • All foreign travelling postponed and no supplier visits are being facilitated at this time.
  • Implementation of working remotely for those employees whose jobs can facilitate this.
  • A shift system has been deployed with staff in each area which has reduced the number of persons in the workplace at one time.
  • In communal areas such as the lunchroom, the number of staff has been reduced and other areas have been designated for eating.


Personal Hygiene is encouraged daily at work stations with sanitizing and frequent washing of hands. In addition, our janitorial team is ensuring proper sanitization and deep cleaning of all areas in the workplace.

Employees who are showing signs of illness have been asked to stay at home to fully recuperate.

Customers visiting any of our locations to purchase items are asked to sanitize their hands upon entry and fill out the sheet with accurate information (used only for contact tracing).

Staff requiring extra protective measures have been equipped with sanitizers, gloves, masks or face shields where necessary.


  • Employees who have travelled recently were directed to self quarantine for 14 days.
  • Employees who may have been in contact with persons who have been confirmed with COVID-19 were asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.



  • Management has taken every opportunity to reassure staff through various mediums that we will get through this together.


This situation is changing daily so we will continue to do our best to keep you informed on what is happening, the initiatives we are taking are to protect you and to keep our business afloat. However we need your cooperation in taking personal responsibility for the well being of yourselves and your families. What we are practicing in work should be emulated in your homes so we can work together to reduce the spread. This is the only way this country can return to a sense of normalcy in the near future. We need you in this fight with us be your brothers and sisters keepers.