Caribbean LED Lighting Inc. (CLL) is an established company located in Barbados which manufactures, under a license agreement, the NXT range of LED street lights from LED Roadway lighting (LRL) of Nova Scotia, Canada.LRL operates a global distributed manufacturing model where manufacturing is close to the actual customers and markets served.

LRL is an ISO 9001 compliant company and under the license agreement ensures that its affiliate manufactures also operate to its standards. All components of the street lights are manufactured under the ISO 9001 standard.

CLL has been manufacturing the NXT LED street lights for almost 5 years and is UL certified.Being locally based, we are able to offer immediate response to customers in the Caribbean region.

The NXT-Lite™ is trusted in the Caribbean to withstand local conditions and has been installed in a number of countries and territories in the region. LRL has experience meeting the unique installation requirements and the environmental challenges of the Caribbean, including salt spray, fluctuating temperatures and hurricanes. Thus far, CLL has supplied over 70,000 NXT street lights to several Caribbean and South American countries including Antigua, Grand Bahama, Suriname, Dominica, Guyana, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent and St Lucia.

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