Caribbean LED Lighting Inc

Why Choose CLL

We produce leading edge LED lighting for applications. All out products are designed to be retrofitted into existing fixtures and will give you amazing lighting at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting, in fact up to 90% savings on electricity consume! In addition, because lamps run at room temperature for every 3 watts you reduce your electricity consumption on lighting you will reduce your air conditioning consumption by 1 watt.


ecofriendlyEco Friendly

No Mercury (Hg) No lead(Pb) No infrared(IR) emissions No ultraviolet(UV) emissions Low heat emission No need for special disposal

longlife Ultra Long Life

Most of our lamps last 50, 000 HOURS! Up to 50X longer than incandescent Up to 25X longer than Halogen Up to 10X longer than CFL

lowenergyLow Energy Cost

Up to 95% energy savings over incandescent and Halogen lamps. Up to 90% energy savings over CFL lamps.

strongdurableStrong and Durable

Extremely shock resistant This is a significant advantage over CFL lamps where mercury in a broken lamp could contaminate the air.

lightsfailTraditional Light’s Fails

Regardless of technology, lights eventually fail, and they will need to be replaced. Standard incandescent lamps last about 1000 hours, Halogens about 2000 hours and CFLs about 5000 hours.

energyhogEnergy Hogs

Traditional lighting currently consumes about 20% of the world’s electricity output.