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December 10th, 2018


HADCO Group acquires Barbadian Lighting Manufacturing Company

HADCO Group has acquired a controlling interest in leading Barbadian energy efficiency lighting manufacturer, Caribbean LED Lighting Inc. (CLL). The Group established in 1992 is comprised of five main divisions – Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Electrical & Lighting, Manufacturing & Recycling and Logistics & Services.

The deal was sealed to achieve synergies between the two operations and to further widen the reach and influence of the successful Trinidad and Tobago based conglomerate. “This acquisition has the potential to positively influence efforts to achieve the energy efficiency goals of the region and to bring continued vigour to the Barbadian manufacturing sector,” said John Hadad, HADCO Group Co-Chief Executive Officer.

CLL is the sole manufacturer of LED lighting in Barbados. A major player in the sector regionally, the company is considered to be one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the Caribbean. John Hadad explained, “this move is in recognition of the ideal fit between this innovative enterprise in Barbados and our own success as a diversified operation, which is concerned about preserving the natural environment, while achieving financial stability and success”.

CLL was launched in 2011 as a manufacturer of commercial, industrial and residential LED lighting.  It exports high-quality products to more than 18 countries and is an innovator in energy-efficient lighting technology.  Founded by Jim Reid, who served as Chairman from 2014, CLL is grounded on a basic principle that Reid espoused throughout his tenure, which is to “do some good, make some money, have some fun”.

Reflecting on the impact CLL has had on Barbados and the region, CLL’s CEO Gerard Borely noted, “Jim not only birthed a bright idea that has burgeoned into CLL, he believed in it and inspired his team and others to believe in it as well. He has placed us on a solid path to success”. Jim Reid stepped down from his role as Chairman in November 2018 but remains as an advisor until February 2019.

In terms of the expertise within both organisations and the impact of the acquisition on the Barbadian economy, Borely noted, “we believe that the human resources within both operations are among our most valuable collective assets. This acquisition will contribute positively to the prospects for economic recovery in Barbados”.

With offices in St. Lucia and distributors in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent, Antigua, Guyana, St. Kitts & Nevis and Grenada, CLL’s manufacturing activities will continue in Barbados and benefit from HADCO Group’s stable financial base, expertise and international reach.



CLL Rewards BMEX 2017 Prize Winners

Bridgetown, Barbados – ‘BMEX’ 2017 may have concluded, but some attendees of the island’s largest manufacturing expo have a new reason to smile brightly.

Caribbean LED Lighting (CLL), a long-time supporter of BMEX and the sole local manufacturer of LED lighting, recently rewarded several BMEX patrons at a press event inside their Lower Estate Showroom.

The winners of android tablets from Lumisol Technology Consultancy Inc and gift vouchers from CLL were Adrienne Jones, Martina Pile and Stewart Walrond. In their votes of thanks, all three echoed sentiments of looking forward to savings from switching their homes to LED lighting, the aesthetics of the CLL booth at the expo, and that they were pleased to support locally made products.

Founder and Chairman of CLL, Mr. Jim Reid, touched on this aspect of the company, stating “We’re presenting prizes that reflect made-in-Barbados products. Of course we had the choice when we started this company six years ago, to either import finished products, or import components and manufacture here in Barbados. We chose to manufacture here in Barbados.” Expanding to say that the company had since then created almost fifty green collar jobs, he described the staff as “excited about the future, excited about being part of this new revolution to save the planet”.

“The choices we have are either give the jobs to China, or give the jobs to Barbados and keep the money here. And we’re glad we made that choice. We’re now exporting to eighteen countries. We’re making products to the highest international standards that people get excited to buy. That’s great news for Barbados, great news for the region, and great news for the planet.”

Service Sales Manager of Lumisol, Roderick Sargeant, assisted in the presentation of prizes which included tablets from the tech company. He indicated that as a full service IT provider, Lumisol continued to partner with CLL, and communicated the benefit of companies to be community-focused, saying “We see the value of working with our customers to give value to the community.”

In addition to members of the press, the three prize winners, staff of CLL and Lumisol, Brand Ambassador Red Plastic Bag was also on hand to keep the proceedings light.

Standing at a unique LED podium that glows in multiple colours, ‘Bag’ expressed his excitement to endorse the CLL product suite. “They gave me an opportunity to be associated with a product of high quality. I believe that all the people in Barbados, all the people in the world should start thinking that LED lighting is the way to go. You don’t have mercury to deal with, it is environmentally friendly! This product is made right here in Barbados. When you actually buy this product you are supporting Barbadian young people, working hard with an excellent product.”

CLL sells excellent, high quality products being manufactured here in Barbados, and, as Bag eloquently put it to close the ceremony: “You can’t want it better than that!”





Chairman’s Report 2016

Following an outstanding performance in growth and profitability in 2015, 2016 has continued our story of double digit growth. Our focus on developing our export markets have paid dividends with over 50% of our revenue now coming from export sales. This is a tremendous achievement and brings much needed $USD to Barbados.

In 2015, our St.Lucia operation was launched under the leadership of our Country Manager, Derniea Serieux-Ellis, who is growing this new market for us very effectively. In the face of international competition, we won the LED retrofit contract for the BuckEye Oil terminal in St Lucia to replace all existing lighting. This retrofit included, but was not limited to, street lighting across this 700 acre site. This was an important win for us in our launch year in St Lucia and further reinforces our mantra of “made in the Caribbean for the Caribbean”.

Our partnership with LED Roadway Lighting Ltd (LRL) in Canada, continues to develop positively and we won several large contracts to supply energy saving LED street lights to Grand Bahamas, Grenada and St Vincent. In addition, we supplied over 1,600 LED street lights to Barbados Light & Power Ltd. This part of our business is growing rapidly and will continue to do so over the foreseeable future as more governments and utility companies see the benefits of LED street lights. These benefits include greatly improved lighting quality, lower energy costs of at least 60% and lower maintenance costs with our 20 year limited warranty.  Currently, negotiations are in train with a number of governments and utility companies across the region.

Our local market has performed steadily and we were awarded a further contract to manufacture and supply A19, 7watt light bulbs for the Division of Energy, Smart Fund “LED bulb giveaway”. To date circa 60,000 LED light bulbs, manufactured in Barbados have been given to households free of charge on the basis of 5 per household. This project cost $1M BDS and will save households $2M per year for the next 10 years at average use. This gives a 20:1 ROI which is an incredibly effective way to encourage energy efficiency.

Our company has grown significantly in 2016 despite the macro and micro economic conditions in Barbados and the region in general. None of this would be possible without a dedicated  and passionate team  I want to acknowledge and thank our team who continue to do the incredible every day!


Jim Reid

Founder & Chairman

ANOTHER WIN: EBS Suriname LED Streetlighting Contract

Caribbean LED Lighting (CLL) proudly announced the win of a multi-million dollar USD contract with EBS Suriname to replace the country’s aging  High Pressure Sodium Streetlights with made in Barbados LED Streetlights.


This win was in the face of stiff competition with ten (10)  other international suppliers also bidding for this contract. CLL won the contract based on quality, performance, price and local service; made in the Caribbean for the Caribbean. This is underpinned by CLL’s 20 year performance warranty.


It secures a number of green collar jobs in Barbados for the foreseeable future.

Caribbean LED Lighting Inc Announces Another Major Export Order


Caribbean LED Lighting Inc (CLL) announced today that they won a major export order from the largest oil terminal in the Eastern Caribbean in St Lucia. This six figure export order is to retro fit the entire 700 acre oil terminal with LED lighting made in Barbados. The order includes LED streetlighting, floodlights, highbay lights , wallpacks and indoor lighting for all buildings, roadways and infrastructure on the site.

“This order and contract win is further evidence that we can manufacture and compete with global companies and beat them with high quality LED lighting made in Barbados ” said Gerard Borely, CLL’s CEO.

The Maintenance Manager at the oil terminal was upbeat when he said “ We are delighted to be working with CLL on this important project. Reducing our electricity consumption and load is important to us and the improved light quality will support our safety record. CLL offered us the best solution and the best price and the fact that the product will be manufactured in Barbados gives us additional comfort”.

This order comes quickly on the heels of CLL winning the contract to supply LED street lighting to Grand Bahamas Light & Power Company. This was a multimillion dollar order for LED street lights made in Barbados.

CLL manufactures and exports leading edge LED lighting products to 16 countries from its Lower Estate factory in St Michael, Barbados. CLL also has operations in St. Lucia, managed by Derniea Ellis (Country Manager) at Orange Park Commercial Centre, Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet, St Lucia.

CLL has distributors in Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St Vincent, St. Kitts, Tri­nidad and Turk & Caicos.

For more information on CLL please contact T’amor Skeete, Business Development Manager, on (246) 621 0092 or visit